Unlocking The Buyer's Mind: Get the tools and insights you need to optimize your marketing and maximize your sales

Elevate Your Marketing Mojo: Small Business Guide to DIY Marketing Joy

May 03, 2023 Marcia Hylton Season 1 Episode 6
Unlocking The Buyer's Mind: Get the tools and insights you need to optimize your marketing and maximize your sales
Elevate Your Marketing Mojo: Small Business Guide to DIY Marketing Joy
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Welcome to Episode 6 of "Unlocking the Buyer's Mind" - Elevate Your Marketing Mojo: Small Business Guide to DIY Marketing Joy!

I'm your host, Marcia Hylton, a marketing strategist and champion for small business owners like you. I'm here to share my expertise and passion for helping you succeed in the competitive world of marketing.

I understand your struggles as a small business owner, and I want to make your marketing journey more enjoyable and rewarding. With my empathetic and practical approach, I'll dive into topics like social media optimization, content marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO), all tailored specifically for your small business needs.

In this episode, I'll share valuable lessons learned, so you can avoid common pitfalls and skyrocket your business growth. I'll help you create an irresistible online presence, captivate your target audience, and convert potential customers into loyal advocates.

Get ready to feel motivated and equipped with the tools and strategies needed to elevate your marketing mojo. Join me, Marcia Hylton, in this transformative episode of "Unlocking the Buyer's Mind" and unlock the full potential of your small business today!

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Peace, Love, and Profit,

Hey everyone, welcome back to another episode of "Unlocking the Buyer's Mind." I'm your host, Marcia Hylton, and I'm super excited to chat with you today.

Today we will dive into the world of do-it-yourself/DIY marketing, discussing when you can handle things on your own and when it's a good idea to call in the experts. And as a small business owner and marketing strategist, I know how important it is to strike the right balance. 

So, grab a cup of coffee, tea, or a glass of wine… and let's get started. Oh, and don't forget to hit that subscribe button to stay updated with the latest episodes.

Let's start by taking a look at your DIY MARKETING TO-DO LIST: Now, I know you're juggling a lot, and marketing is just one of those many things. So, to give you a helping hand, I've whipped up FIVE mini-to-do lists for a few marketing tasks you can tackle on your own — each of these can be accomplished in four easy steps. Just get these done and watch your business flourish! 

Now, be sure to take notes so you don't miss anything. You ready? Let's go.

First, let's look at your DIY TO-DO LIST FOR SOCIAL MEDIA:

  1. Number one on this to-do list (which I bet many of you have already done) is choosing the right platforms, which means focusing on two or three social media platforms where your ideal prospects like to hang out. That's your first step for DIY-ing your social media.
  2. Your second step is creating a content calendar which includes planning your posts for the next month with a mix of promotional, educational, and fun content. When it comes to content marketing, you'll want to follow the 80-20 rule — with only 20% of your content dedicated to promoting your business. In other words, be a giver before you ask for anything.
  3. Number three of DIY-ing your social media is engaging with your audience and doing so authentically. How? Well, start by responding to comments and messages on your profile and other non-competing profiles that serve a similar audience. Do it in a way that feels relevant and organic and captures that audience's attention. And engage by also following relevant accounts.
  4. Now, number four is measuring and improving your marketing by keeping track of your analytics and adjusting your strategy accordingly. For example, Instagram Insights. It's a free feature available with every business account. Take a peek!

  •  So, did you jot those down? Give them a shot, and watch your social media bloom. 

 But before we move on to your next DIY to-do list, you might be asking yourself, "How can an expert help with my social media?" 

Great question. Getting help from an expert can give your business a huge boost. For instance, experts can create customized strategies that are just right for your audience and help you use all the latest tools and techniques to get the most engagement possible. 

Sounds incredible, right? So, keep us experts in mind but refer to your list for all the DIY moves you can make starting today.

Now let's look at your DIY TO-DO LIST FOR YOUR WEBSITE:

  1. If you will DIY your website, pick a user-friendly platform like Wix. You decide. But keep in mind that there are more robust platforms out there and more advanced features on most platforms. But those options are best managed when you're hiring an expert.
  2. Number two of DIY-ing your website… Ensure that your website is mobile-friendly. It's super important to check out how your website looks on mobile devices. Many people will visit your site on their phones, so you want to ensure it looks good and is easy to navigate. Trust me, making your site mobile-friendly is a total game changer! 
  3. Number three… Update your website content regularly. If you want to keep your website engaging and exciting, it's essential to add new content regularly. Here are some ways you can achieve that — You can create blog posts on a regular schedule. For example, I like to publish blog posts every week or biweekly and strategically align the topic with my podcast discussion for that week (so, as an aside, check out tomorrow's post. It takes this discussion a bit further). 
     Now back to number three — update your website content regularly. You can add new images and update your product information to keep everything fresh. Why is this important? Well, not only will it keep your visitors coming back for more, but it will also help with your search engine optimization and keep your site ranking higher in search results. So keep your website fresh - keep it lively and up-to-date!
  4. Prioritize the speed of your website. Did you know that compressing the images on your website can help speed it up? Yup, it's true! By using your graphics tool to compress those images, you can improve the loading time of your website. It's essential to have a website that loads quickly because it can enhance user experience and increase engagement. Additionally, the loading speed of your website will impact if, how, and where your website shows up in major search engines like Google. And another tip for improving website speed is to choose a reliable hosting provider. 

  •  I hope you just jotted down those four website design tips. I want you to give them a shot, and you'll see the positive impact on your website's performance in time

So how could an expert help there? Well, suppose you're ready to level up your website and provide your prospects with a professional brand experience. In that case, an expert will ensure your website is designed to convert visitors into customers. 

Experts can implement search engine best practices to improve your site's rankings. And last but not least, as experts, we help you avoid common mistakes that can hurt your online reputation.


  1. The first thing you can do as a DIY-er is to brainstorm topics relevant to your brand's industry and the challenges you solve for your ideal prospects.
  2. Next, you can create an outline, breaking your topic into subheadings and bullet points.
  3. The third step is to write and edit your content, then review and polish it.
  4. And lastly, you can publish and promote your content by sharing it on your website, your ideal prospects' preferred social media platforms, and your marketing emails.

  • Now that one went fast. Did you make a note of all of that? I hope so.

Now let's look at how experts help with content creation. If you want to create content that deeply resonates with your audience, you need to start with keyword research and industry trends. An expert will be a pro at leveraging keyword research and industry trends to create content that resonates with your audience. 

That way, you can ensure you're hitting all the right notes and speaking their language. Experts get you access to professional editing and proofreading services for next-level polished content. Experts work with you to develop a content distribution plan to ensure you get your content out there and in front of your ideal prospects. This is how you'll get the engagement and exposure you really want!


  1. Pick a template from Canva's library that suits your brand. Consider your ideal prospects and think about what appeals to them visually.
  2. Step two is customizing the design by changing the colors, fonts, and images to match your brand. And again, make sure your visuals will capture the attention of your ideal prospects.
  3. Number three is to add your content. Insert your text and any other elements to convey your intended message for that post. Make sure your message helps you reach a specific marketing goal.
  4. And number four, download and share. Export your design in the format that works for your message and publish it to the marketing channels your ideal prospects use and trust most.

 However, working with a skilled professional will always level up your efforts. In this case, experts are adept at creating visually stunning designs that elevate your brand. 

An expert ensures your visual content is consistent across all marketing channels so it's easily identifiable by your ideal prospects. And an expert can give you guidance on the best practices for getting maximum impact with your designs. 

Okay. It's time to talk about DIY-ING YOUR MARKETING EMAILS:

  1. Your first step is to test and choose an email platform, starting with user-friendly options like Mailchimp, ConvertKit, or one that best fits your needs.
  2. Your next step is building your email list by adding a signup or opt-in form on your website and then promoting it on social media. If you already have a subscriber list, you can add it and continue building it with an opt-in offer your ideal prospects can't resist.
  3. Your third step is to segment your audience. Segmenting means grouping subscribers based on what you've learned about their interests or behavior. This helps to increase the success rate of your marketing emails.
  4. The last step of DIY-ing your marketing emails by creating and sending email campaigns, crafting and testing engaging subject lines (to increase your open rate), offering valuable content, and including clear calls-to-action — every single time.

So then, how can any expert help here? Well, an expert can help by adding advanced email marketing strategies to increase open rates and conversions. 

As experts, we can show you ways to optimize your email campaigns for better deliverability and advise you on email automation (which saves you massive amounts of time) and next-level segmentation to boost your email engagement.

Okay. Let's talk generally about THE VALUE OF EXPERT HELP: 

So, how else can marketing experts help? Here are some situations where expert help can make a difference:

1. Experts can help with STRATEGY AND PLANNING: If you're looking to take your business to the next level, it's essential to have a solid marketing strategy in place. Even if you know what you want to achieve, working with a marketing expert can help you fine-tune your goals, discover new opportunities, and create a step-by-step marketing plan that sets your business up for success. By doing this, you'll be able to make the most of your marketing budget and see a better return on investment (ROI).

2. Experts can also help with SEO and CONTENT MARKETING: SEO and content marketing can get pretty complicated, right? But don't worry. I've got some advice for you. If you want to ensure your website reaches as many people as possible, it's a good idea to get some help from someone who knows their stuff. 

Sure, you might be able to write great blog posts or articles, but an expert can help you optimize your content for search engines. That means you'll get higher website rankings and more traffic. And the more people see your website, the more potential customers you'll have — which could mean more sales and revenue for you!

3. Experts can help with PAID ADVERTISING: So, have you ever tried running online ads on Google or social media? It can be a bit of a challenge. So, I'm here to help!  

To get the most out of your investment, it's crucial to understand ad targeting, bidding strategies, and ad creative. With the help of an expert, you can easily navigate this landscape and ensure your campaigns effectively achieve your marketing goals. Trust me, efficient ad campaigns can positively impact your bottom line by giving you a better return on investment.

4. Experts can help with ADVANCED GRAPHIC DESIGN AND BRANDING: While Canva is excellent for basic graphics, sometimes you need extra help to create a truly professional and cohesive brand. That's where a graphic designer comes in! They can help you develop a solid visual identity that speaks directly to your target audience and builds trust and loyalty with your customers. It's all about creating a lasting impression that keeps people returning for more.

5. Experts can help with TECHNICAL WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT AND MAINTENANCE: If you want to add special features like online shopping, customized integrations, or tricky user interfaces, it's a good idea to partner with a web developer. They can ensure your website works great, is safe and secure, and gives visitors a fantastic experience. Plus, a user experience expert can help make your site easy to use, so people can find and buy what they want without hassle. When you have a well-designed website with excellent user experience, you can boost your sales and make your customers super happy. That's what we call a win-win!

6. Experts can help with ANALYTICS AND REPORTING: If you want to make smart decisions and improve your marketing strategy, it's essential to keep track of how well your efforts are performing. Analyzing your data can help you save money on campaigns while increasing your ROI and making your business more profitable. A pro marketer can help you set up analytics tracking, interpret the data, and give you insights on refining your approach for even better results.

 While there's plenty you can do to help your business get started, ULTIMATELY, PARTNERING WITH AN EXPERT MEANS:

  1. Saving time and resources
  2. Accessing specialized knowledge and skills
  3. Gaining a fresh and professional perspective
  4. And achieving better results

So as we wrap up today's episode, I want to remind you that asking for help is okay. While DIY marketing can be cost-effective, partnering with experts can lead to tremendous success. And creates opportunities for you to learn and grow.

Speaking of learning and growing, check out the new blog post tomorrow and follow me on Instagram at @idealclientweb. You'll also find plenty of free downloads in the link in my bio to help you along your marketing journey.

This includes my recently uploaded complimentary strategic marketing planner and guide (with lots of super helpful examples.) You don't want to miss that! It's available as a free download for a limited time. Just follow @IdealClientWeb on Instagram, follow, then visit the ink in my bio to grab your copy.

And thanks for tuning in to "Unlocking the Buyer's Mind." I hope you found our conversation on DIY marketing truly helpful, and I encourage you to consider how expert assistance might benefit your marketing efforts. If you found this episode valuable, remember to hit the subscribe button to experience all future episodes. 

Thanks for joining me today. I'm Marcia Hylton, and I'll see you next time on "Unlocking the Buyer's Mind." Take care and happy marketing!

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